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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Individuals often make financial decisions independent of each other. In reality, finances function like an ecosystem where all aspects are interrelated. For example, choosing a high deductible health plan at work with a lower premium can free up money to save towards retirement. Picking a 15 year mortgage over a 30 year mortgage may have an impact on your cash flow. 

All of the financial decisions we make matter. We have to ask ourselves, is there a better strategy? Are we are making the most efficient choices possible? 

With our comprehensive planning methodology, we evaluate your financial choices and compare them next to your financial goals. We look for inefficiencies and opportunities to improve your individual situation. The best way to do that is to incorporate your entire financial world into our process which includes four domains: Cash Flow, Protection Strategies, Investment Management and Debt Management. 

Cash Flow

Cash flow is the driver for all financial decisions. A person's cash flow determines how much they can spend and how much they can save. Often, people don't track their spending closely enough which reduces their ability to take advantage of opportunities. We analyze cash flow in an effort to reduce spending, increase savings and investments. 

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Without the proper protection strategies in place, the rest of the work we do may not matter. If a person suddenly loses their ability to earn an income, then they will have to look for other areas of their financial world, like their retirement plan to pay their bills. Which means there will be little or nothing left for retirement. We look to protect people against this. 

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Investment Management

There are numerous studies out there that show how poorly the average investor performs compared to benchmarks. It's usually a pretty significant gap. We follow a philosophy of investing that is meant to help you achieve a better rate of return while also focusing on minimizing risks. 



Debt and liabilities can have a meaningful affect on a person's finances. Money that can be utilized to save or invest has to be allocated towards paying down debt. We work with our clients to find the best strategy to pay off their debts without severely impacting their lifestyle or their ability to save for the future.  

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