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Executive Benefits

In almost every company there are certain employees that are vital to the success of the business. As a business owner, what are you doing to retain them? Is your company protected if they suddenly leave? We help you explore different strategies that you can employ in order to keep those key employees with you.

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans can provide a supplemental benefit to one or a few select employees. They act as a form of savings for the employee and can also restrict when an employee can access the funds. 

Buy/Sell Agreements offer a level of certainty to business owners, their partners and their families. Buy/Sell Agreements can keep the business going as well as protect the interest of the remaining partner.

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  • You select plan participants by determining eligibility requirements.
  • The plan can be designed with discretionary company contributions and may be based upon performance.
  • Assets set aside to informally-fund the plan may favorably impact the company’s balance sheet.


  • Participants may defer compensation into the plan.
  • Participant deferrals are not subject to the non-discrimination tests or top-heavy rules of qualified plans.
  • Plan benefits are not subject to IRS minimum distribution rules.


A non-qualified deferred compensation plan represents an unsecured contractual obligation to pay future benefits. You may choose to pay benefits with company assets at the time of payout, or you may elect to informally fund the benefits with corporate-owned life insurance (COLI). The choice is yours.


Although the law requires benefits in non-qualified deferred compensation plans to be unsecured, companies may evaluate proven strategies that may provide participants with some level of security in their promised benefits.

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